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Innovation Changes How we Define Civilization

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Dr. Haifa AlMaashi

Director, Geo-strategic Affairs Division

Tag: Public Policy Policy Analysis Dubai UAE United Arab Emirates
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Civilization is not manufactured by technology, but rather is made by individuals who make history through creativity and innovation, marking their names in the history books. The city of Dubai, a city that has developed its reputation in many fields, Dubai has decided to make its culture through its members to recorded history incubator for modern civilization by adopting a new concept based on innovation.

The birth of a new civilization may not depend on traditional ways and strategies passed down from generations to generations and leaders of the other predecessor, but the fact that the new age in which we live includes the theories and applications of a completely different perspective to form a new definition for civilization. Some sociologists have pointed out (1) that humans need to change their strategies on development and that one of the main factors that determines the shape and trends of the development of modern civilization is the intensification of innovative activity in a wide range of technologies, products and services.
The traditional view of civilizations suggests that innovations are related to characteristic industry of the state or the city in a particular field. Every previous civilization built on industry advantage and contributed to the promotion and gives it permanence. In this context, any new technology that contributes to strengthening the foundations of the industry that characterize the state or city to stimulate more specialization within the framework of the industry. But in a globalizing world of today in the economic domain, political, social, cultural, and technological complexity of interests and orientations between communities and nations, it has become difficult if not impossible to concentrate entire state efforts in a particular sector or in a distinctive industry and not others. It has even become possible to clone everything from industries up to the genetic cloning.
Innovation is not just the invention of new technology and the establishment of modern industry, innovation is not only linked to change the ways of life, but is linked to change the human being himself to a new person who is consistent with the age of technology and techniques, leading to a new society which is a (creative community). sociologists such as Alvin Toffler (Third Wave and Future Shock) and Ulrich Beck (society risks and second modernity) and others, competed to give meaning and convincing definition of man and society and social relations in society relies in its development on the latest technological and technical means, though this definition is still vague and ambiguous due to the different components of communities and the different moral values and belief systems as well, so it's difficult to put a direct and consistent measure of such societal changes. But it is important for any new strategy of innovation in Dubai and the UAE in general, to include the potential societal transformations through community equipped to receive new technical innovations may be the future of new models for the conduct of society in the political, economic, cultural and social domains.
Many social workers focused on the rapid pace at which develops the technology of various kinds in the field of modern manufacturing economy (the use of digital technologies even three-dimensional printers), military industry, nuclear industry, space technology, communications, and which do not coincide with the frequency of similar development in the change in the social field , which could create a deep gap between technology and the community so that they form a barrier to prevent members of the community to transition to higher levels of evolution and development.
Social change may require changing the systems of work values and the values of social networking and values education to new ones based on the new way of thinking and in the analysis and application which qualifies the community for a new life in thought and method to receive the era of innovation. That does not mean alienation of our social and Islamic values but means alteration, modification, change and renewal to achieve this end, it also means getting rid of the negative values and to embrace the positive values that promote and support innovation and creativity on a large scale.
Innovative communities need collaboration of efforts from different stakeholders in teh community, led by government departments, which are the main and first engine of this shift. As this society includes citizens and residents to create harmony factor in the change and also contributes to the unification of perceptions, expectations and identify common risks. The competent authorities are able to find quick solutions so as not to be a barrier in front of the transformation of the society.
Innovation Week called for by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid in November 22-28 is a direct call to intensify the innovative work by everyone in the UAE. An implicit call to the need to gradually change for the creative community by stimulating the members to adopt new ways of innovation in and out of the traditional departments for the transformation of Dubai and the UAE in general thinking to a new civilization. This means that the limits of the initiative will not stop at the end of the week but go beyond innovation to become a community ready and willing to receive and launch new initiatives dominated by continuity and harmony in a joint action system.

(1) Evgeny G.Kamensky & Evgeny I.Boev. An Innovation Civilization in the Context of the Anthroposphere Crisis of the Technogenic Society. Asian Social Science.vol.11. no.4. 2015

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