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Keynote Lecture: Media Analysis to Rank Public Interest Issues

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Yasir Al-Muqbel

Senior Non-Resident Fellow -Pubic Opinion Studies

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In its 5th year running, the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (Higher School of Economics) hosts its International Annual Conference (16 - 20 November 2015) in Moscow, Russia.

The theme this year explores the title"Cultural and Economic Changes under Cross-national Perspective.

The Public Opinion Centre at b'huth is pleased to announce the participation of the center's Director, Yasir Al Muqbel, in a keynote session on the 3rd day of the research conference, November 18th 2015.

Mr. Al Muqbel will be presenting his approach to a quantitative methodology to: "Using Media Analysis to Rank Public Interest Issues"

"The main goal of the quantitative methodology for media (QMM) is to monitor and analyze any public opinion content in local media to provide a credible source of research-based information to support decision makers with the top issues engaging public opinion. The first step in the methodology is to monitor media content, along with popular social media outlets, including blogs, forums and twitter. Any newspaper article, broadcast topic, or online conversation that expresses any form of public concern/opinion is recorded as a media content item (MCI). Each media item is summarized, given a unique ID, classified by a group. Groups are then clustered to formulate main issues/trends . A set of identifying properties such as medium type, problem impact indicator (PI)* and sentiment code and public engagement measure are assigned to each MCI. Once collection period is completed, an automated ranking process runs reports to sum the problem impact values by content group and ranks the top issues for that duration.

*Problem Impact: The problem impact is a composite indicator.

For live updates and highlights from the conference follow us on @bhuth_UAE. To reach out directly to Mr. Al Muqbel via @yalmuqbel

For more information on the conference and the keynote themes, please visit:http://ow.ly/UK0F8

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