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This is a dynamic digital platform that aims to engage and connect thinkers, advocates, analysts and the curious mind to talk about issues and trends identified and brought to the table by b’huth. The topics covered here are diverse and can range from domestic development, to public policy, social trends UAE, regional security and global affairs. This conversation not only encourages engaged conversation amongst members, but also contributes to building a digital resource library for the topic. We encourage you to take part in the discussion with an open mind and respect to diversity of opinion.

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  • The  observed growth of popularity in far right and left political ideology , as a global phenomenon, raises a series of questions regarding its implications.  The root cause of a decline of the ‘center’ ideology is what comes to question, and is vital to address; for it indicates a loss of confidence in social and liberal democracy.   

  • Loud and clear comes the call, ‘Stop the bus, I want to get off!’.  Roll back the clock.  Make America great, again.   Britons vote to leave the EU.   Americans endorse Trump to oust immigrants.  Lawmakers push analog switches for the electrical grid.  What does the Brexit mean for the UAE? Join our conversation now...

  • The UAE's Ministry of Energy recently announced an increase in prices of petrol to the UAE. In this space we ask, what are the implications, in terms of policy and the public's reaction? 

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