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Reshaping of a New World Order: US-Russian Partnership in the ME


A workshop organised jointly by Chatham House and b’huth in Dubai on 22nd March 2017, brought together some 40 experts from around the world and the GCC to discuss the likely impact of shifting US-Russia relations on the Middle East, and to consider how major power relations might affect events in Syria and Yemen,along with the the outlook for Iran’s influence in the region. NOTE: workshop summary to  be published soon. 

Youth Engagement: A Case Study on UAE Youth Circles


This paper studies the UAE youth policy perspective on youth engagement by examining relevant Emirates Youth Council initiatives, focusing on the Youth Circles initiative which was launched in April 2017 as a sustainable platform for discussing youth challenges. The paper considers the UAE youth policy development against the backdrop of the increasing emphasis on youth engagement as an answer to many regional challenges relevant to youth and the recalibration of GCC economies towards further independence from oil revenues

Special Report: Reimagining Yemen


The inaugral special report launched by our Yemen program at b'huth.  This special report on the future development prospects for Yemen post conflict is based on the findings of a closed expert workshop hosted by b'hut on the subject.