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ISIS returnees: risk analysis and solutions


This report captures the findings from the closed expert session hosted on 30th October 2014, under the title " ISIS Returnees: Risk assessment and Visions for future solutions”. The report highlights the significance of addressing the social drivers that lead to the appeal of extremist ideology.  For more information on our sessions, please contact us at events@bhuth.ae 

The New Ascent of Far Right in the West: It's the economy


 A paper prepared by Dr. Mohammad Al Sayyad, a Bahraini Economist, for the "The Rise of the Right" Workshop by b'huth in Dubai, October 2016

Water Scarcity & Conflict


The developed world has grown used to fretting about oil as a limited resource, yet, whilst it is a universally-accepted fact that water is also a finite resource - the National Geographic noted back in 1993 that "all the water that ever will be is here right now. What role did water scarcity play in the Syrian conflict? and is can it be used as a strategic weapon by ISIS?