Our experts often comment and write for external publications. Here you will find their analysis appearing in local and international sources. 

    This space is also where you will find the collection of ideas and projects that are in the planning phase, with blue prints being put in place. 

  • From Security Governance to Geopolitical Rivalry

    Author: Dr. Haifa AlMaashi

    The Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies published Dr. Haifa Al Maashi's paper entitled "From Security Governance to Geopolitical
    Rivalry: Iran-GCC Confrontation in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean" which was presented at the Gulf Research Meeting in Cambridge 2017. 

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  • b'huth hosting panels at International Conference on Public Policy 2017

    The team at b'huth is happy to be sharing that we will be hosting three panels at the International Conference on Public Policy 2017, organized by the International Public Policy Association. This biennial event provides policy academics, researchers and analysts with an opportunity to exchange research findings and insight on policy opportunities and challenges. 
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    To submit a paper, please register on the conference website.
    To read the full call to paper and panel description of our panels highlighted below, search for the panel title from the conference panel list.


    T04P04 - The Relationship between Public Opinion and Public Policy: A Paradigm Shift


    The panel aims to establish an understanding of new engagement tactics and tools needed to empower the relationship between measuring public opinion and setting public policy. 
    Papers can consider: Case studies of  public opinion analysis methodology & new forms of measuring public opinion for public policy. 


    T17P03 - Youth Inclusion in Public Policy



    This panel aims to discuss the role of youth in public policy, both as the target of engagement strategies by governments and the growing need to expand the role of youth in public policy. The discussion's objective is to establish a holistic understanding of how the needs of youth and their expectations have changed, and how governments can take proactive measures to address them. 


    T09P09 - Innovation in Governance: luxury or necessity


    While governments globally face new challenges, innovation in governance gives hope to addressing external challenges & risks. As challenges like radicalization and xenophobia threatensocial cohesion, governments need innovative ways to govern areas like tolerance or inclusion to reestablish national values. Papers will examine public policies that apply modern technology or attempt unorthodox approaches to formulate or deliver public policy.


    For any inquiries about the panels, reach out to our team via . 

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