• The Houthi Media Strategy

    Al Houthi rebels and the party of former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh see media as a means to incite conflict on the GCC intervention

  • Innovate? Yes we can

    The Arab predisposition towards innovation, do we have what it takes?

  • The History of Humiliation

    The question is: How was this monster born and how did it grow in this frightening manner?

Iran's international nuclear agreement

A good deal for the UAE?

An unwelcome present?

The Cameron government and BAE Systems were almost certainly guilty of over-selling the likelihood of a sale of Eurofighter to the UAE.

From Underwear to Freight: AQAP’s Threats

A year ago Dubai, London, and perhaps Chicago apparently escaped disaster through a mix of timely intelligence, careful investigation and ultimately, good fortune.

Property: Failing to Find Economic Equilibrium

The large construction projects in ...emirates ... have produced an over-supply of property that is making it difficult to establish “a floor” under this troubled sector of the UAE's economy.

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB): A Great Leap Towards China’s Century

China is paving the way for positioning itself as the number one world economic power in the twenty first century

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