An unwelcome present?

The Cameron government and BAE Systems were almost certainly guilty of over-selling the likelihood of a sale of Eurofighter to the UAE.

From Underwear to Freight: AQAP’s Threats

A year ago Dubai, London, and perhaps Chicago apparently escaped disaster through a mix of timely intelligence, careful investigation and ultimately, good fortune.

Property: Failing to Find Economic Equilibrium

The large construction projects in ...emirates ... have produced an over-supply of property that is making it difficult to establish “a floor” under this troubled sector of the UAE's economy.

IMF versus Grounds for Optimism

A year and a half ago, many international commentators forecast that Dubai was on the verge of collapse monumental in size.

Allies resort to McCarthyism to rescue Israel

Started in 2005, the movement known as “boycott, divestment & sanctions (BDS)”, is the real challenge for Israel now.

Boko Haram - Freedom fighters or Islamist terrorists?

Recent events has elevated the Nigerian terror group sharply up the agenda of many security agencies globally, causing analysts to ponder whether Boko Haram remains an essentially indigenous group fighting for equality or if it has finally mutated into a fully-ledged Islamist terrorist group, aligned to al-Qaeda.

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