Iran's international nuclear agreement

A good deal for the UAE?

An unwelcome present?

The Cameron government and BAE Systems were almost certainly guilty of over-selling the likelihood of a sale of Eurofighter to the UAE.

From Underwear to Freight: AQAP’s Threats

A year ago Dubai, London, and perhaps Chicago apparently escaped disaster through a mix of timely intelligence, careful investigation and ultimately, good fortune.

Property: Failing to Find Economic Equilibrium

The large construction projects in ...emirates ... have produced an over-supply of property that is making it difficult to establish “a floor” under this troubled sector of the UAE's economy.

Wearing the colors of the French flag

The world was shocked once again...

Keynote Lecture:Media Analysis to Rank Public Interest Issues

Director of the Public Opinion Center at b'huth delivers keynote lecture at the 5th annual research conference (Moscow, Russia).

National Security & Economic Policy

It has become necessary to take economic policy into consideration when preparing the strategy of the national security...

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