Mark Douglas McKinney

Non- Resident Fellow - Global Affairs

Areas of Expertise 


  • Geostrategic analysis
  • Terrorism analysis


  • Campbell College Belfast
  • Command Training Centre Royal Marines
  • UK Defence Academy
  • Diploma Safety Management
  • Diploma Environmental Management




After attending Campbell College he joined the Royal Marines Commandos as an officer in 1986. His Military career spanned 26 years, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and which included 7 operational tours: Northern Ireland (2 tours) and Northern Iraq with UK forces; a UN mission in Sierra Leone and UK intervention in Sierra Leone; UN mission in Liberia (where he received an operational award for his leadership in the disarmament, demobilisation, rehabilitation and reintegration of the combatants) and where he was responsible for the successful deployment of 15,000 multi-national troops on combat operations; and an  operational tour with the EU working in the French Army Headquarters in Paris on the EU mission to the Congo.

He trained as a Royal Marines Mountain Leader officer and is a qualified expert in mountain and cold weather warfare and completed 6 Winters training in Norway. Staff jobs included Security and Integrated Security Planning in the Royal Marines Headquarters and Specialist Training Company Commander in Northern Ireland. He forged ground breaking Civil Military Co-operation training with the Irish Defence Forces, a first for UK forces, and was the first British officer to instruct at the Irish Army training centre in the Curragh in Kildare since the hand over by British forces to the Free State Army in 1923. He was also the Commanding Officer of the Royal Marines Reserves in Scotland.

After leaving the Royal Marines he trained as a close protection officer and emergency medical technician with Ronin Protective Services in South Africa, a private security company. He then worked in partnership with the company, where he was Ronin’s UK managing director for its recruitment and training in the UK and Ireland.

Mark McKinney has worked for B’huth in the UAE and UK since July 2015 as a terrorism and geo-strategic analyst. He is a practising Christian, and is married with two sons and lives near Perth in Scotland. Interests include hill-walking, skiing, deer stalking and rugby.