Noor Al Ostaz


Areas of Expertise


  • A Two-Months Training at Budeiri & Co. / Interior Design, Consultants and Management
  • Participated with The Municipality of Greater Amman in the early studies of Amman's Holistic Scheme / HDMU (High Density Mixed Used Buildings).
  • Has worked at Tahhan and Bushnaq Co./Architecture consultants and designers /Amman/ Jordan.
  • Currently working at Dubai Consultancy Research and Media Centre – B’huth/ Dubai/ UAE.



Bachelor of Architecture and Planning/ The University of  Jordan, (June – 2008).




Noor Al Ostaz is an architect who has taken a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and planning from the unversity of Jordan in 2008.

She finished her secondary education in The Jubilee School / Amman – Jordan (2003), with an average of 96.9%, belonged to the top 10 students of her middle and high school class.

As an architect, she has trained to perform highly in different fields related to architecture such as interior design, building design, and planning.

Currently she’s working at B’huth (Dubai Consultancy Research & Media Center), as a member to develop and carry out projects related to opinion research and media management. Her duty is to monitor some broadcast programs in local Radio stations.

Her dedication is what sets her apart from anybody else.


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