Paper Presentaion: Soft power - A Foreign Policy Tool


Interview questions our intern Maitha Khalid will be answering during her final paper presentation.

  • You make a correlation b/w soft power and foreign policy leverage, can you please define what the term ‘soft power’ means?
  • Why did you choose to investigate the concept of ‘soft power’ within the context/parameters of politics?
  • In your research, you emphasize the significance of ‘cultural context’ when looking at soft power in the Middle East, why is that (explain what you mean by cultural context)?
  • How do you evaluate the UAE’s success in garnering ‘soft power’?
  • How has the UAE been able to ‘develop’ soft power?
  • What were the key challenges you faced while conducting your research on this concept?
  • How would you compare US vs UAE soft power tactics and perceptions in the global community at large?