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  • Understanding Brexit


    Being presumably intelligent people, the EU decision makers must have forecast and been happy with the effect that this expansion would have on migration, as human nature inevitably took its course – many people in the poorer countries migrated to the richer ones, as they always do if they are allowed to

    img Simon Kay
    Senior Non- Resident Fellow - Global Affairs

  • 26-06-2016

    img Dr. Steve Tatham
    Senior Non- Resident Fellow - Global Affairs

  • The Weekly: Election Fever in Europe


    Last Tuesday, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May walked out of No 10 Downing street to announce a General Election for 8th June.  On Saturday, millions of French people will visit polling stations to decide which two contenders should go through to the second and decisive round of voting to decide who will be the next President of France on Saturday 6th May.  At the same time, the international media is already focusing on September in Germany when Chancellor Merkel will be seeking a fresh mandate to govern for another five years.  Election fever appears to be sweeping Europe

    img Angus Taverner
    Director- Global Affairs