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  • Fascism in the Making


    What feeds directly into the growth of fascism throughout generations on end?

    img Mohammad Fadhel Al Obaidly
    Advisor, Public Opinion Research Center

  • Iraq: The Failure of a Government or a Government Form?


    Thequick collapse of the Iraqi army is not solely a result of Al Maliki government failure; that is just the tip of an iceberg.

    img Mohammed Baharoon
    Director General

  • Playing into the hands of detractors


    Few months after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the current Israeli President, Shimon Peres, said: Islam is the new enemy of the West because it has the same totalitarian nature of Communism.

    img Mohammad Fadhel Al Obaidly
    Advisor, Public Opinion Research Center

  • Daesh’s Extremism, Islamophobia and Similarities to the Crusades


    The article is a discussion based on the piece written by David Ignatius in the Washington Post, ‘The Islamic State Feeds Off Western Islamophobia.’ The article is interesting, controversial, and provoked some lively debate from its readers, some of whose views have been incorporated along with my own into the piece

    img Mark Douglas McKinney
    Non- Resident Fellow - Global Affairs

  • Call for Peace away from Islamophobia


    The recent terror attack in Nice may not be the last episode within Europe, however it is a turning point for the relationship of France, Europe and the West in general with Islam and Muslims.

    img Dr. Haifa AlMaashi
    Director, Geo-strategic Affairs Division

  • Islamism in the Maghreb is at Crossroads


    The future of Islamic groups in the Maghreb is surrounded by doubts, in light of their political status, practices, the authority and administration of the state.

    img Dr. Haifa AlMaashi
    Director, Geo-strategic Affairs Division

  • Daesh in Europe: Terrorism or Mass Murder?


    Whether all of this year’s violence should be categorised as ‘terrorism’ or not, it seems very clear that Daesh propagandists are also opportunists. Read more....

    img Angus Taverner
    Director- Global Affairs

  • US strikes in Yemen will not put an end to AL Qaeda..


    Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis's statement that the recent American strikes on Al Qaeda in Yemen (known as AQAP) is part of a planning that “goes well back into last year,” and that the timing had nothing to do with Trump taking office may contradict with the successive and intensive strikes on the group's affiliates during the past few days Which reflect unusual high rate of strikes that lack the direction or the clear purposes. What’s new in this planning to put an end to Al-Qaeda in Yemen?

    img Dr. Haifa AlMaashi
    Director, Geo-strategic Affairs Division

  • Arab Islamic American Summit: a gathering of 55 world leaders


    The Summit that took place in Riyadh on 20 -21 May 2017 was the first leg of President Trump’s first international tour as Head of State. Several media commentators had seen this visit as a prelude to a strategic repositioning of long standing US relations with the GCC and other Arab nations. 

    img Lana Abdelhameed
    Deputy Director, Global Affairs

  • Terrorist Threat to Aviation Security : New Level of Sophistication


    On Saturday Australian police arrested four men in Sydney on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. The target was believed to be an Etihad plane bound for Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The method of attack was apparently poisonous gas (hydrogen sulphide), which the bomb makers were attempting to hide in a mincing machine. The viability of such a method of attack is one issue, however the level of sophistication required to manufacture a device which would generate the conditions where a poisonous substance could be released in an aircraft in sufficient quantities to overcome its passengers and crew is another.

    img Mark Douglas McKinney
    Non- Resident Fellow - Global Affairs

  • Can the Rail Networks be the Next Preferred Target?


    There was an incident on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, where several white-nationalist groups protested the impending removal of a statue relating to the American Civil War (1861-1865) of Confederate General Robert E Lee.[1] They clashed with counter-protesters; eventually, police and the National Guard cleared the scene. Then a Dodge Challenger driven by a twenty-year-old from Ohio drove into the crowd of protestors killing one thirty-two-year–old woman. The driver has been remanded in custody and is charged with second-degree-murder.   [1]

    img Mark Douglas McKinney
    Non- Resident Fellow - Global Affairs