Monday, 20th May, 2024

Global Affairs Department

The Department of Global Affairs at b’huth looks at major strategic shifts at the international level and the most prominent issues that represent top priorities in international cooperation, global security, international economic and political alliances and blocs.

The department also provides analyses and expectations about strategic shifts at the international level and their expected impact on the state's local policies and regional relations.

Dubai and the Purple Economy

The purple economy, highlighted by the UN and showcased since a 2011 UNESCO-backed forum, integrates cultural, creative, and care principles with economic activities. It emphasizes women`s empowerment, creativity in arts and media, and aims for sustainable development. Focused on economic growth, innovation, and social inclusion, it values cultural diversity as a driver of development. Key areas include creative industries, cultural heritage, and digitization, advocating for policies that nurture creativity and cultural expression.