Wednesday, 4th October, 2023

Geostrategic Affairs Department

The Department of Geostrategic Affairs at b’huth looks at the regional dimension in public policy-making, the extent to which these policies will affect on regional level, and the potential implications of geopolitical developments on the state's orientations, national security, role and regional influence. The department also looks into areas for benefiting from the state's experiences in public policies to support regional and international stability and development in the region.

The motives of the Saudi-Iranian agreement and the chances of China`s success

China`s role in mediating the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran highlights the shared interests of all three parties in reaching such a deal. The negotiations started in Iraq focused onto the concerns of key stakeholders. China`s diplomatic success in this matter largely depends on Iran`s commitment to the agreement and its ability to navigate internal and external challenges, particularly in regard to issues of sovereignty in influential countries. While there may be skepticism surrounding China`s intentions, the United States has a significant stake in the outcome of these diplomatic efforts, regardless of whether they ultimately succeed or fail.